Collection: Candles

My candles are high end quality candles poured in ceremony.  Glass and/or tins are washed with Florida Water, Holy Water and Witch Hazel. What sets my products apart from the rest: they are actually imbued with divine energy and work immediately. They work with your intentions.  No need for extra herbs, waters, or anything. Everything is already in there for you. Mini altars in a jar if you will. Lightly scented as the primary purpose is to MANIFEST. 
My candles are not massed produced with herbs to the top, the herbs are throughout the candle. I bless the wax, the wicks, the herbs, the glass and the boxes in which I ship the candles to you.
I create my candles to capture the essence of the universe during certain astrological events. Therefore, they are named after those events of the segment of God those events represent. 
How my candles work: 
Think about what you truly want God to help you with, speak your intention to the candle and then light the Candle.
All candles are handmade. Blessed and poured with the intentions set that the Divine Father hears your prayer and blesses you with an answer in a short period of time. As long as your desire is aligned to his purpose, you will receive your wish or desire. Be prepared to receive...meaning if you want a house be prepared to receive the home (maintenance and all that comes with it.) 
Things to know before use of candle: You may never ask for harmful things. My candles are not to be used with Tarot Cards as I am a divine worker. My candles are used for spiritual work, ritual practices, healing and meditation. Scents are selected to boost the manifestation. Colors of candles will not match images presented; I color candles based on the energy that surrounds me.