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Reveal the Truth

Reveal the Truth

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Very large candle. 


1. Clean your home—from top to bottom. Take a week to organize, mop, sweep, dust, and wash clothes. 

2. Set up candle space- away from curtains, blinds, or other low-hanging objects.

3. Place the candle in a water bowl you will never use again on the southern or western wall of your living room. 

4. Before lighting the candle, see the life you desire to live, free from drama and chaos. Accept that vision. 

5. When you first light this candle: Light the candle on Saturday at 11:22 pm. Allow burning until 12:12 am. Snuff out. 

6. Repeat until all the candle is consumed. You may burn it at any time after the first burn. 

7. Never leave a candle burning without watching it. 


Results are seen immediately. 


By law we are required to say that we sell these products as Curios. Products sold on this site are NOT to be internally digested, and that includes the herbs. By purchasing these products you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. This product is not meant to replace medical treatment or intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any type of disease. Refunds or exchanges are not permitted.

All Biblical Scriptures are used. You are free to recite the verses if you desire, but not necessary. No offering needs to be made. You are asking Jehova to reveal and remove hidden enemies. No action must be made other than allowing them to leave your life. 

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