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Celtic Heritage Wand

Celtic Heritage Wand

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Introducing our limited-edition release in honor of my Irish heritage! From March 1 to March 31, these wands will be available in very limited supply as I am crafting each one by hand with hand-picked wood, sculpting, staining, and infusing them with crystals.

These wands are made with Oak wood, the native tree of Chicago. To reduce waste, the wood used for each wand is selected from discarded tree branches. You can even choose your crystal to be infused into your wand.

These wands are perfect for those who believe in the magic of fairies. Each wand comes with instructions on how to activate it.

The Oak tree, a symbol of authority, leadership, wise rulership, and courage, is the perfect wood for these wands. In addition to the natural power of the Oak, the crystals infused in each wand amplify its energy. The recommended crystals for Oak trees are Carnelian, Rock Crystal, Labradorite, and Aventurine.

To make each wand extra special, your name will be engraved into the wood.


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