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Spiritual Baths

Spiritual Baths

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What is a Spiritual Bath?

Unlike a regular bath with soap, shampoo and water that cleanse the body, a spiritual bath works to cleanse the mind and spirit, using powerful ingredients that charge the bathwater with healing vibrations that help you remove blockages, hurts, pains and situations that are no longer serving you in any constructive way.

 How to prepare for a Spiritual Bath?


To take a spiritual bath:

  1. Gather materials (tub/basin, bucket/cup, additives such as herbs, oils, crystals)
  2. Set the mood (dim lights, burn incense/candles, play calming music)
  3. Cleanse the space (sage, crystal/amulet, stating intention)
  4. Prepare the water (warm water, additives, pinch of salt)
  5. Get in the water and relax
  6. Meditate and focus on intentions
  7. Exit the water and ground yourself
  8. Dispose of the water respectfully
  9. Perform a final cleansing ritual (sage, crystal/amulet)


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