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Oshun Oil

Oshun Oil

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Introducing our Oshun Elixir, an enchanting blend of fragrant Jasmine Blossoms and zesty Bergamot Pieces harmoniously intertwined with citrus and floral top notes. This exquisite elixir is thoughtfully crafted to inspire the embodiment of Oshun, the radiant goddess of the river.

Goddess Oshun, the enchanting and benevolent deity of love, beauty, fertility, and rivers, appreciates offerings that reflect her vibrant and sensual nature. To prepare offerings for Oshun and honor her presence, follow these heartfelt and culturally respectful guidelines:

  1. Honey and Sweet Treats: Oshun has a sweet tooth, and honey is her favorite offering. Present her with a small dish of pure, high-quality honey or sweet pastries, such as honey cakes. Honey symbolizes sweetness in life and love.

  2. Fresh Flowers: Oshun is associated with vibrant, fragrant flowers, especially sunflowers and marigolds. Arrange a bouquet of these blooms in a beautiful vase and place it on your altar or near flowing water to honor her.

  3. Oranges and Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits, particularly oranges, are sacred to Oshun. Offer her fresh oranges or orange blossom water as a representation of her connection to water and her radiant energy.

  4. Jewelry and Adornments: Oshun adores jewelry, especially gold. You can offer her a piece of gold jewelry, or if that's not possible, consider placing some decorative gold trinkets on her altar.

  5. Mirror: Oshun is often depicted with a mirror, symbolizing her connection to beauty and self-love. Place a small mirror on her altar to reflect her radiant energy back to her.

  6. Candles: Light yellow or gold candles to represent Oshun's warmth, vitality, and positivity. Offer them as a symbol of enlightenment and to attract her blessings.

  7. Music and Dance: Oshun loves music and dance. Play her favorite songs or drumming rhythms and move with joy and sensuality to invoke her presence.

  8. Art and Creativity: Create art, poetry, or crafts dedicated to Oshun. She appreciates the expression of beauty and creativity in all its forms.

  9. Offer Your Intentions: Alongside physical offerings, speak your heartfelt intentions and prayers to Oshun. Express gratitude for her guidance and ask for her blessings, especially in matters of love, relationships, and personal growth.

  10. Maintain Cleanliness: Keep her altar and sacred space tidy and clean, as cleanliness is important to Oshun.

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