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Moon Oil

Moon Oil

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  • The full moon occurs when the Sun and the moon are 180 degrees apart in longitude on the ecliptic—the plane created by the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.
  • The new moon is the reverse of a full moon. A new moon occurs when the Sun and the moon are in the same zodiac sign, and the exact same degree in ecliptic longitude.

Here is the 2022 full moon calendar schedule

* All times listed are Eastern Time (New York, NY)

January 17: Cancer (6:48 pm)

February 16: Leo (11:56 am)

March 18: Virgo (3:18 am)

April 16: Libra (2:54 pm)

May 16: Scorpio (12:14 am) – Total Lunar Eclipse

June 14: Sagittarius (7:52 am)

July 13: Capricorn (2:38 pm)

August 11: Aquarius (9:35 pm)

September 10: Pisces (5:59 am)

October 9: Aries (4:55 pm)

November 8: Taurus (6:02 am) – Total Lunar Eclipse

December 7: Gemini (11:08 pm)

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