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Moldavite is the only tektites in the world to be recognized as a gemstone

​Moldavite is a member of the Tektite group of natural glasses formed from interplanetary collisions. 
Moldavite (Czech: Vltavín) is an olive-green or dull greenish vitreous substance possibly formed by a meteorite impact in southern Germany (Nördlinger Ries), which would make it one kind of tektite.​​

Stones vary slightly in shape and color saturation due to the natural state in which they were formed. Our moldavite comes from a very trusted source in the Czech Republic, authenticity is of importance to us. 

Moldavite has a rich history, prized since the Stone Age, and used not only for arrowheads and cutting tools but as a spiritual talisman and amulet of good fortune, fertility, and protection. It was found in the archeological site of the Venus of Willendorf, the oldest known Goddess statue. It has been linked to legends of the Holy Grail, thought to be an Emerald that fell from the sky out of Lucifer’s crown before he was cast from Heaven. In Czech lore, it was given as a betrothal gift to bring harmony to marital relations, and for centuries has been used in jewelry, religious items, and spiritual transformation. 

collect the stones of transformation and elevate. 

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