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Hoodoo Candles

Hoodoo Candles

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Uncrossing:- remove negativity and break harmful bonds such as bad habits or bad relationships. Rub your entire body with the candle before lighting. Light to break the bonds

Tranquility: to deal with conflict in the home. Write the name of the situation on the candle then light  May add situations after lighting. 

House Blessing: Keeps harmful houseguests away 

Come To Me: Help you break down barriers to the things in which you want and the object of your desire. 

Crown of Glory:Boost your faith in yourself when facing what seems an insurmountable opponent or situation. 

Stop Gossip: Stop rumors from spreading. 

Lucky 7: Attract luck before a test, interview, audition etc. .. 

Steady Work: ensure income, business success and ensure growth. 



Clean area, remove low hanging objects, keep wick trimmed, place in water in fire safety dish, speak intention aloud and light, Thank the Most High for answering your prayer. 

candles change design and color frequently 

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