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Goddess Oil- Isis

Goddess Oil- Isis

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Goddess of Magic...this oil is to be used in all of your spiritual workings to imbue them with her essence and blessing. Excellent addition as an altar oil to bless and anoint cups, bowls, candles in ritual worship or practices. Isis was the Egyptian Goddess of Magic. She was originally associated with the throne of Egypt, which contained magical power because it could turn a prince into a king. 

Later, Isis "absorbed the attributes of most other goddesses and some gods and became a supreme deity, famous for her curing and redemptive powers" (Lesko, 155)
She was the sister and wife of Osiris, and after his death, she became the protector of the dead. In her love and devotion to Osiris, Isis became a symbol of the
loving wife while after his death she became a symbol of the Mother in her protection and her devotion to her son, Horus (Hallam 156).

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