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Goddess IxChel Seven Day Vigil Candle

Goddess IxChel Seven Day Vigil Candle

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Designed for a week-long ritual, this candle serves as a powerful conduit to connect with the ancient Mayan goddess of fertility, healing, and the moon. Illuminate your space with the divine glow of IxChel as you embark on a spiritual journey guided by her nurturing and transformative presence.

Consider adorning your altar with moon-shaped crystals, flowers such as lilies or moonflowers, and the calming aroma of jasmine incense. Offerings of fresh fruits and honey symbolize fertility and abundance, creating a harmonious exchange with the goddess.

Engage in daily rituals that align with IxChel's energy. Meditate on healing, personal growth, and the cycles of life. Use this sacred time to connect with your inner strength and embrace the transformative power of IxChel's wisdom.


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