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Buck Moon 7/3/24

Buck Moon 7/3/24

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There's much to celebrate and many shifts this week!

  • Green Day & Full Moon peaks on July 13
  • Super Full Moon in Sagittarius taps us into expansive knowledge in the Universe.
  • Golden Zone begins and brings enormous creative downloads
  • Venus moves into Gemini opening portals of creativity and enjoyment
  • Jul 14 is an extra Green Day in Australia, NZ – Fixed Energy, good for solid foundations in work and relationships, planting trees (Type III)

Full Moon in Sagittarius - The Universe flows through you this week. The Moon looks most full tonight - July 12 and peaks on July 13. You can still bask in its light over the next few nights - the moon beams goodness on you for days. Receive the creative spark from Venus and Mercury with this full moon - try laying on the grass under it and then observe your dreams.

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