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Blessed Head Wraps

Blessed Head Wraps

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The practices dates back to pre-colonial African history in sub-Saharan Africa, and head wraps were considered symbols of status, marriage, and family lineage. During the Transatlantic Slave Trade, they were one of the few cultural pieces enslaved Africans were able to bring to the Americas. 

In Africa, head wraps have a practical and fashionable purpose. Wraps can be use to protect one’s head from the harsh sun and can be used as hair protective styling. But head wraps can also represent ethnicity, wealth, mourning, and marital status depending on the type of head wrap is worn and how it  is worn.  Varies tribes have different head wraps they are known for, from coast to coast

1. Covering the head focuses the energy at the third eye.

2. natural cranial adjustment. 

3. A turban can symbolize your devotion to your practice. 

Why wear white? 

Yogi Bhajan claimed that your aura extends nine feet around your body, but the color white extends your aura by an extra foot, providing more protection from harmful energy and projects your positive energy out to inspire others and attract prosperity into your life. 


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