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Altar Candles- Gratitude

Altar Candles- Gratitude

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Intention Candle: Harness Focused Energy and Intentionality

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of our Intention Candle, a harmonious fusion of focused energy and intentionality. Elevate your physical and mental well-being through the synergistic energies of Turquoise, Obsidian, and our exclusive flower blend.

Flower Blend Alchemy: Each candle is adorned with a meticulously curated blend of flowers and herbs, expertly woven together to create a tapestry of natural energies. This Flower Blend Alchemy enhances the vibrational resonance, infusing your space with positive intentions.

Crystal Magic: Embedded within the core of each candle is a unique combination of crystals chosen to amplify the intention it represents. Crystal Magic adds an extra layer of potency, allowing you to connect with the energies of the crystals as you set and manifest your intentions.

Dual Purpose: More than just tools for intention setting, these candles serve as exquisite decorative elements for your sacred space. Illuminate your surroundings with the soft glow of intention while creating an ambiance of tranquility and focus.

Ignite the power of intention with our thoughtfully crafted Intention Candle. Whether you seek personal growth, healing, or positive energy infusion, let this candle be your guide in manifesting your intentions.

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