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Transform your space into a luxurious haven with the Healing Sensation Gemstone Candles. Featuring crystal candles and a touch of mystery, these are sure to add an enchanting and exclusive ambiance to any environment. As the light of the candle reflects off the crystals, you will be filled with a special kind of magic. Experience the sophistication of premium scented candles and transform every space into a place of beauty and wonder.

Gemstone AND Crystal Candles 

100% natural soy candles with real, genuine gemstones!

Each candle is a 3 X 2.5" Natural Clear and Black Glass Container. 160 grams per candle | 8 different intentions:

 "NEW BEGINNINGS" - White Blossom / Lapis & Clear Quartz
"CREATIVITY & INTUITION" - Jasmine / Citrine & Fluorite
"YOU GOT THIS!" - Lemon Ginger / Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz
"HARVEST MOON" - Cinnamon / Tigers Eye & Black Tourmaline
"SWEET DREAMS" - Lavender Vanilla / Amethyst & Obsidian
"SELF LOVE" - Velvet Rose & Oud / Rose Quartz & Tourmaline
"PEACE & HARMONY" - Lemongrass / Citrine & Green Aventurine
"CALM" - Sea Salt & Sage / Green Aventurine & Amethyst

Please ensure to burn the candle until the top layer of wax has melted entirely / trim the wick 1/4 of an inch after every burn.

Botanicals and herbs are for decorative use only and should be removed from candles before lighting. They have not been embedded in the wax for easy removal and can cause a fire hazard if not removed.

Please do your part to stay safe and enjoy our candles

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